Doula Services & Childbirth Classes.




As a Doula I provide many services such as Pre-labor Consultation, Birth Doula Services, Birth Plan Consultation, Childbirth Education and Basic Breastfeeding tips. I pride myself in providing a nurturing environment to make your birthing experience memorable.


Pregnancy Coaching

-Gestational Information
-Information on Pregnancy exercising
-Birth Planning


Private & Small Group Childbirth Classes

-Learn what to expect during Labor & Delivery either in a private setting or in small groups (3-4 couples).  Stages & Phases of labor, early signs of labor, and positions for laboring & delivery are a few of the topics that will be discussed.
-Comfort Techniques Class – learn comfort techniques that can be used during Labor & Delivery to lower the pain perception. 


Birth Doula Services

-Two pre-labor meetings to discuss & develop your Birth Plan
-24/7 on call starting at week 38 gestation until delivery
-One postpartum visit to check up on client and answer any questions.
-The use of non-medical techniques to help you navigate the labor & delivery process.  These techniques are informational, physical and emotional.  They include, but are not limited to praying, scalp massage, foot massage, hand massage, back massage, aroma therapy, position change guidance, walking, encouraging, the use of birthing ball and many other ways to help you through your birth.


Basic Breastfeeding Counseling

-Information on proper latch-on, positions for successful breastfeeding, pumping and more.