Doula Services & Childbirth Classes.
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About Mary

Mary Hill

I am a mother of three children, whom I had un-medicated and two beautiful grandchildren.  I am the wife of a Pastor of a local church and love my role as pastor’s wife.  

Having such successful un-medicated births myself was the force behind becoming a Doula.  I had no one in my family that had un-medicated birth and no one to encourage me to do so.  I read and studied ways that would help me through the labor and delivery process and used some of those techniques gained through a Lamaze class.  After my third child, I decided I wanted to be an advocate for women who were choosing un-medicated birth or birth that would desire the use of a “Female Helper”.  I was certified through DONA in 1999 as a Doula and the B.E.S.T. program to become a Childbirth Educator two month later.  Since becoming a CBE and Doula, I have had the privilege to help over 300 babies enter this world and into the loving hands of their parents.  God has given me a gift and my desire is to share it with as many women/couples as he places in my path.

I would be honored to have the opportunity to discuss my services with you.